Static Electricity: Snap, Crackle, Jump!

This website is a great resource for all upper elementary grade levels learning about static electricity. This is a perfect tool for both teachers and students, allowing a more hands-on approach to static electricity. Teachers can either share this video with their students as an introduction to static electricity, or reference the numerous experiments that can be completed in their classroom from grades 3-8. One of the great things about this website is how kid-friendly the experiments are. The video clearly emphasizes that these experiments can be organized and done by students by finding household items to create static electricity, such as a record, wool scarf, and rice krispies. Teachers can compile a list of experiments listed towards the end of the video and allow students to choose which experiment they wish to complete with a partner. Furthermore, the visual representation of the science behind static electricity as seen in the video can be quite beneficial to students who learn best through pictures and short video clips. I would definitely use this resource in my science classroom. It is electrifying!


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