The Basics of Motion

This link is a great resource for educators to gain knowledge and learn important definition dealing with motion and force. It begins with defining why motion is an important topic on physics. This tool can be used in the classroom for students to use a resource when experimenting with the idea of motion and mechanics. In addition, it can be used at home for students when reviewing the topic for homework or preparing for an assessment. Another benefit to this link is that on the right side of the webpage, there are tabs starting with “overview,” and go down a line of more links to learn about smaller ideas within the topic of motion. This addition can be helpful for a teacher to move their way through the big idea and develop a understanding how to connect topics with one another. Furthermore, as you finish reading the page of information, there are helpful videos that explain these ideas for students that might need more than a description. This website can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways but is another source that educators can turn to when moving through the idea of motion.


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