Schoolhouse Rock: Electricity

School House Rock Electricity Video


Youtube link:

I believe that the song “Electricity, Electricity” from Schoolhouse Rock would be an exciting way to introduce this topic in elementary school science. As a dance major, I find that incorporating music and movement is a unique and beneficial way to teach subjects outside of the arts. For me personally, I was often able to learn new material through catchy songs or even gestures. What’s helpful about this song is that there are very important terms in the lyrics including wires, shock, switch, generator, lightning, static and more. These words could likely be key terms in the lesson and help explain the big idea of electricity, while keeping the students engaged. In terms of which grade to use this content in, I feel as though it can be taught in a few different grades, specifically ranging between 2nd and 5th. It would probably need to be modified depending where you use it, although it will generally assist in teaching about electricity overall. 


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