Newton’s Laws of Motion Interactive

This interactive website can be effectively used in a fifth or sixth grade classroom to teach the basics of Newton’s three Laws of Motion. The content found in this resource can easily help move along a lesson as it begins with a minimal introductory page about Isaac Newton and continues on into describing each law. Each page describing the specific law is accompanied by written information as well as interactive representations to help aid student learning and understanding (to all types of learners). The interactive representation involves students and/or the teacher to click on an object to show the specific law that is being observed. After the law of motion has been exemplified, an explanation is provided. The hope of this website is that students will have learned the three Laws of Motion and will then be able to answer the quiz questions that are posted under the quiz tab. These questions as well as the entire website can be used for an introductory lesson on Newton and the laws of motion as a whole class. The questions are written in simple terms and can serve as an observational assessment of student learning. The last two tabs provide a more detailed biography about Newton as well as a glossary of important terms the students should know.


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