Middle School Chemistry


This website is the perfect place for teachers to find captivating lesson plans and activities for their middle school classrooms. The lesson plans are organized by grade level, the NGSS standards, and the CCELA standards. The activities and lessons are thorough and are about learning science by doing science. This resource is great for teachers who need direction on how to keep students interested in science. Not only does the website have plans, it also includes videos that teachers can show in their classrooms. The website includes information about conferences that are held all over the country that speak on multiple different topics and concepts. There is also a blog used by teachers all over the country that discusses the world of teaching science.

This specific link, is a lesson about why salt dissolves in water. This is the perfect example of doing a lesson that has students involved in the exploration of science. Students are building a 2D models of salt crystals and water molecules and relating this to their own prior knowledge of dissolving salt in water on the molecular level.

Middle School Chemistry is all about teaching big ideas about the very small, which is something that any science teacher can benefit from.


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