I found a great website for children to learn about the difference between animal and plants cells. I also found a sing a long video that explains the difference as well. From my own experiences in school, I always had the best time learning about things when it was through music or a game. Therefore, the two websites I found teach children through exactly that. The first website I found, I believe would be great for 5th graders. On this website there is a game involving the difference between animal and plant cells. In this interactive game the students can play against each other, a partner, or the computer. They have to answer the questions right in order to move their rocket ship forward. If they get the question wrong, the other player gets the turn. If they answer right they get the point. If they both answer wrong it tells you the correct answer. I think this game is great for the children because they are not only learning, but they’re playing a game against the computer or a friend. The second thing I found was a song on Youtube that explains the difference between plant and animal cells as well. It’s a pretty catchy song, so I believe the children will enjoy it and maybe some parts will get stuck in their heads.

Check out the interactive game here:


Check out the song here:


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