Learn About Electricity!

This website is perfect for both teachers and middle school students who wish to learn more about electricity. Through its simplistic format and pictorial representations, I believe this website would be a major asset in any science classroom. Since there are many different learning styles amongst students, this website demonstrates how all learners can come together to learn the big ideas of electricity. Key concepts are easily displayed on the webpage, as they are bolded and defined such as power source, conductors, insulators, and load. By using this site not only in the classroom but also as an extended learning tool, students can exercise their independence at their own pace in an easy to follow layout. Furthermore, this science tool offers a perfect kid-friendly experiment, allowing both teachers and students to get a hands-on approach in understanding electrical insulators and conductors. With this website, I believe that teachers and students alike will gain more knowledge and confidence in dealing with electricity and how it is conducted.


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