How To Save Energy

This video is a great way to explain the idea of saving energy to students.  The video explains how to save energy in a way that is both fun and engaging. Energy is often a difficult concept for students to understand.  They understand that energy is something that they need, and something that they use daily.  However, they do not fully understand exactly what energy is because they cannot see it.  This video lets children ‘see’ energy by illustrating different types of energy and how to save it.  The video also provides a narrative aspect that allows students to hear and see how to save energy, which appeals to both the visual and auditory learners.  The video also appeals to the kinesthetic learners because the visuals show exactly what a student can do to save energy.  This video is definitely a good introductory level to an energy chapter because it gives students a basic knowledge of energy before they get to do hands on activities in class.




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