Science for Kids – Electricity

This website is a great resource for both educators, parents, and students alike. The website has pictures that makes it inviting to children, and it organizes its material in a that is easy to read and follow.  Here students are able to play different interactive games to help them learn about electricity; this is the first section underneath the general information so that students can be immediately drawn into the website and can begin playing to learn. Underneath this section there is information about different projects that students can do for science fairs or for fun. The bottom half of the page is more geared towards teachers and parents, as there are facts that they can learn in order to better teach their children. The final section is lessons that can be used to tie together all the information that has been presented. On the right hand side of the page there is more resources that teachers can use to get students excited about electricity, such as experiments that can be done in the classroom, images and videos that can be shown, and finally quizzes that can be used to assess understanding.


Electricity for Kids


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