Cells and Organelles

       This interactive website lets us know all about the cell parts and its functions. For students to learn about the difference between plants and animal cells, this is a good website they can visit. To start off, there is a fun music video that sings about each part of the cell in both plants and animals. This catchy tune soon will make students sing along, getting them to memorize each cell parts in no time. Next, the students can read a short lesson on each plant and animal cells with vivid picture and simple explanation of each part and their job. Lastly, they can play mini flash quizzes to reinforce the information in a fun and interactive way. Games such as fill-in-the blank, matching, and labeling can reinforce the information in different ways to keep students excited for learning. Through the use of music videos, colorful pictures, and fun interactive games, it allows students to gradually get comfortable to the hard scientific words and be able to use them easily.


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rABKB5aS2Zg

Animal Cell http://www.sciencemusicvideos.com/cell-parts-and-functions/

Plant Cell http://www.sciencemusicvideos.com/plant-cell-parts-and-functions/


One Response to Cells and Organelles

  1. rosembauer says:

    Too funny! I used this video to study for my Praxis II test!

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