Science Labs in Elementary Classrooms?

I  found an article on, that was discussing how students are often taught reading, writing, and math, but science is always glossed over. According to the article, the reason is because teachers believe students need to know how to read and write before doing science. The article then argues that students can learn how to read and write while doing science. When the author talks about doing science, they do not mean reading from the textbook, but instead carrying out investigations of the natural world. This is where students can make predictions, measure date, and make conclusions about their data, while debating with others about their evidence. This is what science truly is, and the article explains elementary students need to experience this type of science more to understand how to think like a scientist and later pursue a science career.

I believe that most times the real reason students do not experience more science in elementary schools is because the teachers do not feel comfortable enough teaching science. Actually the article addresses this and gives different experiments students can perform, that is not difficult to set-up. Not every science experiment requires Bunsen burners or chemicals. The bottom line is to help students explore science at an early age. I believe this article helps teachers who are not the best with science or confident in science to obtain confidence in this area. This way, future students can truly explore science more.





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