“The Split History of the American Revolution- A Perspectives Flip book” By Michael Burgan

This is a great book to have give students a view of both sides of the Revolutionary War. This is a chapter book.  If you start from the front of the book it begins with the colonists perspective of the war. Once you get to the middle of the book there is an index and resources, then you can begin from the back of the book, reading the British perspective of the war. There are four chapters in each section, and the topic of the chapter is the same for both the British and Colonist opinion sections. For example, chapter 1 in each section is about the events leading up to the war, but in the Colonists section the title is “The Road To War” and in the British section the title is “Dealing with the Rebels”. This book is great to use in classrooms to show students the idea of there being two sides to every story, as well as to give them an idea of how the war was seen in two different countries and by two different sets of people. This book is great to use as a base for other activities like writing propaganda, and can provide a new perspective on different battles in the war.



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