Magic Tree House Research Guide: American Revolution

The book, Magic Tree House Research Guide: American Revolution by: Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce is part of the Research Guide series that relates to books that many students and teachers know and love. Growing up, almost everyone I knew was reading the Magic Tree House books, and they still seem to be popular today. These Research Guide books take the fiction stories from the series, and use the topic to wrote a piece of  literature. For example, the American Revolution book is a companion to the novel, Revolutionary War on Wednesday, which is a fictional story. The students could be reading this book in their Literature Circles or independently, and the teacher will be able to make the connections between what happened in that book to explain the real event. There are a wide range of topics that these Research Guide books cover, and I think that the familiar writing and cover will make students feel comfortable reading something that they may not normally pick up. I would definitely use this book as a resource in my 3rd or 4th grade class, and it could be used to introduce nonfiction literature in literacy, or a specific event or person in social studies.



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