Boston Tea Party by: Pamela Duncan Edwards

The book, Boston Tea Party, by: Pamela Duncan Edwards looks like a great resource to use in a classroom that is learning about the American Revolution. The book uses a repetitive rhyming pattern throughout the story that will keep the students involved and focused not only on the plot, but on the historical information found throughout the book as well. Although the recommended age range for this book is Kindergarten to 3rd grade, I would definitely still use this resource in my 4th grade placement. The teacher could use this book to teach the class about the Boston Tea Party by creating several lesson activities based off of the book. Once the book has been read aloud to the class, the students could re-create the Boston Tea Party using props and costumes, or they could formulate their own rhyming patterns to summarize different events regarding the American Revolution. These would be fun activities that the students would actively learn from, and could be used as a form of assessment for the teacher.




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