The Miscalculation That Won The Battle of Trenton

This piece talks about how Andreas von Wiederholdt misreported that George Washington and the troops had surrounded the Hessians at Trenton. This was incorrect because the colonists arrived at two spots the west and north, but they did not surround the Hessians. With Colonel Johann Rall getting the wrong information, he made the wrong action step. He told his army to stay and fight, but George Washington was coming in from the north, so he could see every move being made by Rall. This gave the advantage to Washington. I never knew that it was miscalculation that gave the colonists the upper advantage. The colonists did not have the surprise angle they were looking for, but fortunately still surprised the Hessians because they did not know where the army was. Once Washington knew where Rall and his troops were, the battle was all but over. To think, one of the most important battles in the Revolutionary war for the Colonists, ended up being luck.

I find this new information for me, because that part of history was never told to me in that way. It was still a great battle to win, and part of the turning point for the colonists in the Revolutionary War.




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