Introducing Children to Democratic Government

Alleman, Janet and Brophy, Jere. “Introducing Children to Democratic Government.” Social Studies and the Young Learner (2016): 17-19. NCSS, September/October 2006. Web.

The article “Introducing Children to Democratic Government,” states that teaching about government in the elementary grades is not very effective. The authors believe that initial teaching about government should focus on helping students understand why governments are needed and how they help the people that live in that country. The article says that in order for a teacher to teach about democracy, they should model it in their classroom by working with their students to decide what the classroom should look like and how it will function. The article also states that if there is an upcoming election, students could watch part of it in order to see that there are many different perspectives on the same issue. This can be generalized to other parts of the students’ life and they can start to express different opinions, reach compromises, and settle arguments. The article also states that teachers can work with their students to help them understand how government works in their own lives, so students can apply what they learn about government in the classroom and look for government regulations outside of school.


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