The American Revolution: Three Lesson Plans for Critical Thinking

This article took a complex concept such as the American Revolution and took it one step further to explain ways to teach these events without the use of a textbook. The lessons explained in this article were interesting, inquiry based, and allowed the students to experiment and discover the way that history can be compared/ contrasted. One of the lessons that stood out to me was called “Writing an Autobiography.” The students are each assigned one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and they must explain “their” impact on the Declaration, as well as a description of one or two other people who they would be friends with and why. This activity is very student centered, and they will get more out of the lesson because they are physically engaging themselves as the person that they are portraying. The other lessons were great teacher resources as well, and if the teacher uses activities such as these the students will enjoy learning the content in a new and exciting way.

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