Teaching About Elections During a Presidential Election Year

This article is a great read for teachers to use to apply to not only the Presidential elections, but other elections that go on throughout the community as well (Board of Education, Governor, Senator, etc.). It discusses the importance of teaching not only the election itself, but also the individual components that are involved in an election. Relating the content to what’s really going on in the community will help keep the students engaged and they will retain the information for a longer period of time. In the classroom, the teacher can discuss things such as: What’s a democracy?, What does the President do?, How Do We Learn About the Candidates? etc. By applying this information to the real candidates that are running, the students will learn more about their duties as an American citizen, and they can get a hands- on approach to what it is like voting or being part of an election. I would definitely use these ideas in my own classroom, and I look forward to implementing lessons such as these in the future.

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