Columbian Exchange!

One of the huge parts of globalization was the Columbian Exchange. Brain Pop lets students to play a columbian exchange game. It starts with a video, and then allows students to begin the game. Students see an event that happened in the past, for example, in 1520 there was the smallpox in Tenchtitlan. They then get a card below that with another event. For example, they can get something like the first African slaves in America. They then need to drag it and say whether they believe it happened before or after the smallpox in Tenchtitlan. If they get it right, they get another event that they need to put into the timeline. The more students get right then the more Flux points they gain, and then they can move onto another level and explore more topics. If they get it wrong, then they simply try again! This is great for helping students understand our history in a time line. They have freedom of choice when discovering which events go where. This game is also great for visual learners because they can play along and watch the timeline grow!

Check it out here


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