The Movement of Water through the Water Cycle

This piece is a simple clear-cut explanation of the water cycle and how water can move from various places and still end up forming clouds through condensation. The piece explains that water is evaporated from the biosphere, which enters the atmosphere and becomes clouds through condensation, and then returns through precipitation. That is the water cycle in short. One thing I failed to recall from science class in high school is that during precipitation water does not have to enter the biosphere, it could aslo the geosphere. By this, I mean that the water coming down through precipitation does not have to simply enter the biosphere or the hydrosphere and run-off into the ocean or lakes, but the water can infiltrate the soil. Once in the geosphere, the plants can take up the water through its roots. This would then explain why evaporation does not simply come from the ocean, but can come through transpiration as well. The water cycle is one continuous movement of water, from the biosphere to the atmosphere and back to the biosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. I also failed to recall that sublimation can occur and turn solid like snow directly into water vapor and then evaporate. After reading this article, I found that I had forgot a great deal about the water cycle.




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