Sort Matter!

This game is great for students who have just learned about Matter. It can even be used for introducing students to matter. The game consists of using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the falling pictures to the right or left. For example, there is a picture of water falling (labeled water on the picture as well) and students must control where it goes. It is their job to use the arrows to make sure it drops in the correct bucket that match their states of matter. If the students gets water, as mentioned above, then their job is to use the arrows to get it to fall into the liquid bucket. Students can now match objects to their states of matter. They must get fifteen correct in order to move to the next level, which increases in difficulty. The students can also now connect objects they use, or see in the game to their real life. They’ll be able to say, “Hey mom, did you know that water vapor is a gas?”. This make it more real for the students. In addition, at the bottom of the page there is a game quiz students can take. This gives them three forms of quizzes they can use to test what they learned.

Check it out here – Sort Matter


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