Law of Inertia

Newton’s Laws are a tricky thing to understand as adults, but imagine trying to understand that when you’re only in fifth or sixth grade? It is a large concept to grasp, but Make Me Genius has broken it down into easily understandable bite sized pieces. Make Me Genius has created a YouTube page dedicated to explaining concepts that are usually too large for younger students to grasp. Their video about the law of inertia, known as Newton’s First Law of motion, playfully explains what it’s all about. They give the viewer background knowledge on who Isaac Newton is, and then begin to explain the concept of inertia through silly examples and goofy graphics that work extremely well. The humor behind the examples and graphics make the information something that will catch the students’ eyes. Concepts like friction are explained in simple terms so they are easier to comprehend. At the end of the video there is a short summary where they ask a question or two to the audience to get them to recall the main points of the video. At six minutes long, it it a good resource to not only learn from as an adult, but to teach children from.

The video can be found here.


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