Force and Motion Learning Packet

When coming up with lessons for force and matter, a staple in the fifth grade curriculum, it sometimes becomes hard to think of how to compose the unit. Online is a great resource that was posted by a New Jersey school district. It is a sixteen page science note book for the entirety of the force and matter unit.The notebook is broken down into different lessons, that start at the beginning of the unit and increase with difficulty. Each idea starts with an experiment and corresponding data tables and questions, and is then followed with information about what students discovered in the experiment. The fact that students need to discover an idea before they are formally taught about it is truly powerful. All of the lessons within the packet are well explained and written for the comprehension of fifth graders. It is a great resource for people who want to rediscover the nuances of force and matter, and ideal for those who want to teach this topic.

The packet can be found here.


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