An Effective Way of Teaching the Water Cycle

This article shows a unit plan that teaches the students about the water cycle. In this unit plan, there is a detailed outline for the 11 days that this unit plan will take place. This unit plan was great, because first he had them take a pre-test, which showed their background knowledge. This is important because it allows him to see what students know already, so he can prepare lessons to build around that understanding. This way the students are able to make better  connections to their prior knowledge. I believe that the pre-test is not needed, but instead there could be a 5 question exit slip that has the same effect. I also really like the way that each part of the water cycle is broken up into one day for each part(evaporation, condensation, and precipitation). With this set-up it gives the students a solid understand of each, instead of a quick overview of the three together. By having each part of the water cycle its own lesson, the students get a chance to explore all 3 phases. The next day he shows the importance of water cycle and its interaction with the earth. The last big idea I like about the set-up is there a presentation where groups can present information that they learned about the water cycle. Then there is another assignment where the students do it individually. I really like how he gave them a choice in the assignment as well. Students could draw, write a song, do a report, anything that they feel most comfortable with. It is great how he is differentiating for the students in his class. After seeing his unit plan, I now have more thoughts on how to write a lesson on the water cycle. This was a great example for me to examine.




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