Flexible electronics track sweat

There has been an update to items such as the Fitbit and apple watches. This new form of technology is a health-monitoring device. It has the ability to track your body temperature and analyze your sweat. This is an important step in technology because it helps with a person’s health. It will help to see if a person has enough fluids or is dehydrated, which can be extremely important in sports. While many people see this being beneficial in sports, there is hope this will become so powerful and help with other health issues. This is a very interesting article and I would definitely recommend it to people that are interested in maintaining a healthy body and athletics. The article also provides a section at the bottom that is “Power Words.” This allows anyone to understand the article because it gives a definition for any word that might be confusing and is important in understanding the purpose of this article. I would definitely recommend this article.

Read the article here!

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