Mars Colony

The article, “Mars Colony” discusses the role- playing approach that a teacher took in her classroom to introduce her students to various aspects of science. After reading the article, I think that what she pulled off in her classroom was ingenious and I don’t think the students will ever forget what they learned from this activity for the rest of their lives. She first had the students “blast off to Mars.” Here the students had to record the equipment necessary for blast off, and respond to situations that may occur such as problems with air pressure and lack of oxygen. Next, the students had to create survival lists explaining how they were going to survive once they got to Mars. They also discussed things such as energy and electricity and how it is different on other plants. The last activity was what they thought the aliens would look like when they encountered them. This entire process seems like nothing but educational fun that could be adapted to many grade levels. Not only will the students enjoy it, but the teacher can easily assess for student understanding by looking at their notebooks that explain their whole process. Implementing role-play into the classroom is something that I believe many teachers are weary of, but this article is proof that it can be done successfully including both fun and education.



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