Water Cycle

This website provides a detailed picture of the water cycle that also includes water sources. Every process and part of the picture is labelled, and if you put the mouse on the label it provides you with a definition of the word as well as a description of the part it plays in the water cycle. The pop-up also provides you with a short explanation of how the process effects the development and shape of landforms. This diagram is interactive and slightly more advanced. Students could use the information from this diagram to draw their own water cycle diagram in their science notebooks and write definitions and explanations of the different terms to see how all of these processes relate. On the page you can also click on the link for the water cycle diagram for students to be brought to a less complex and non interactive form of the water cycle diagram. This diagram also provides you with explanations of the process and the relation between different processes, but rather than being pop-ups, they are on the side of the diagram.



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