Science 101: Do Other Planets Have Summer?

In the article, “Science 101: Do Other Planets Have Summer?,” the author, George Nelson, discusses the similarities and differences that are apparent in the way that planets tilt and orbit. Although the article does not specifically state using this resource in the classroom, I thought it would be interesting to use during a lesson. For example, before the students receive this article they can brainstorm some ideas regarding whether or not they think that other plants have a summer. They can then do experiments in regards to the way planets tilt on their axis, and explain how they orbit around the sun. By doing so, students will be using inquiry based learning to modify and explain their opinions on whether other planets have a summer. This could be used in a 4th or 5th grade classroom, and could be changed to fit the needs of students in younger grades. Once the students have experimented and formed their hypothesis,’ they can read this article to learn more, and they can apply the knowledge they learn towards the rest of the solar system unit.



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