Breezy Power: From Wind to Energy

Claymier, Bob. “Breezy Power: From Wind to Energy.” Science and Children (2016): 36-40. NSTA, Summer 2009. Web.

In the article “Breezy Power: From Wind to Energy,” 6th grade students researched wind as an alternative energy source and designed and testing a model of a wind turbine, to help them learn about energy and technology. Directions on how to build the wind turbine are detailed in the article. The students were “hired” by a fictitious power company in order to research wind energy production in the United States. Students were split into teams of four, given the necessary materials, and were challenged to build a working model of a wind turbine that produced the most electricity. To connect this project to the real-world, half of the teams of students complete a research packet on wind energy with one teacher. The other half of the teams worked with the other teacher to test working wind turbines. The students discussed why the wind turbines worked or why they didn’t. At the end of the unit, the teachers held a class discussion and design packets and completed a reflection. This project helps students understand wind energy and connects the projects to real-life experiences.


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