Science 101: What Causes Things to Rust?

The article, Science 101: “What Causes Things to Rust?” helps students understand the process of rusting in a way that is both informational and easy to comprehend. This is a great resource for a 4th or 5th grade class that is learning about the process of rusting, and the features that are associated with it. I really liked how the article used not only text to get the point across, but also a picture, and diagrams to adapt to the strengths of all learners. I chose this article because it helps students get a better understanding of an example of a chemical reaction, a concept that I believe many students have a hard time grasping. The author did a great job of explaining the environments that allow rusting to occur at a faster rate, and the types of metal that rust as well. If students use this article as a resource they will be able to understand the process of rusting, which they can apply to their prior knowledge regarding other chemical reactions, and will allow them to experiment and discover in a more intricate way.


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