How Earth and the Moon Interact

This website provides information about all aspects of astronomy. The articles are very easy to read with simple language. One page I thought would be particularly useful for fourth or fifth grade science teachers includes an article about the relationship between Earth and the Moon titled How Earth and the Moon Interact. It is a very useful article because fourth and fifth grade students are expected to learn about the moon’s rotation around the earth, and the effects it brings. This article will give teachers information on that topic that students may need to know or details they do not necessarily need to know but may get curious about. Therefore, it gives teachers the opportunity to learn more about the topic than they are expected to teach in a very accessible and understandable way. The article answers important questions such as “Where did the moon come from?,”  “How does the moon cause ocean tides?,” “How is the moon related to metal?,” and “Is the moon essential for life?” Teachers planning a lesson on the Earth and the moon will be prepared for many questions after reading this article.


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