A Drop Through Time

Vowell, Julie and Phillips, Marianne. “A Drop Through Time.” Science and Children (2016): 30-34. NSTA, Summer 2007. Web.

The article “A Drop Through Time,” is about the water cycle and a unit designed for 5th graders to better understand the components of the water cycle. The unit uses the “Do-Talk-Do” instructional strategy. The first “do” consists of introducing the three components of the water cycle, precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. The authors also give examples of the three components and activities a class can engage in involving the components, so students can visualize what each component looks like. During “talk,” the teacher helps students “verbalize their ideas” from the first “do” and clarifies any misconceptions. They begin with a class discussion and terms are introduced. Students then answer questions in small groups to process their understanding of the water cycle. The teacher then leads an interactive discussion of the water cycle to the whole class. In the final “do,” students generalize their understandings and skills involving the water cycle to new situations. Students can also pose new questions of their own. The “Do-Talk-Do” model introduces science concepts and enables students to discuss these concepts and think about them in a deeper way, to deepen understanding.


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