Scientists: Much More Than a Lab Coat and Goggles

Lovedahl, Angel N., and Patricia Bricker. “Using Biographies in Science Class.” Science and Children (n.d.): 38-43. NSTA, Nov. 2006. Web.

The authors of this article wanted to expand the idea of what a scientist is and what a scientist does with their 5th graders.  It appeared that these young students had a hard time visualizing what an actual scientists does and were merely stereotyping them by what they look like – lab coat and goggles, looking through a microscope.  These teachers engaged their students in learning about what “real” scientists do and even what they may look like, by having them choose and read biographies about scientists.  Not only did this bring reality to students as they studied science, but this is also a great way to fusion content areas.  Literacy and science!


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