Termite Guts: Easy to See Protists

Brooks, Susan, and Sheveeta C. Bonner. “How About A Log For Lunch?”Science Scope (n.d.): 22-25. NSTA, Feb. 2008. Web.

The authors of this article/activity give an alternative to looking at fast moving protists under microscopes.  Since protists are often fast-moving and difficult for young eyes to follow in a microscope, Brooks and Bonner suggest an alternative that will keep students from getting frustrated with trying to follow fast organisms.  They suggest the use of protists found in the digestive tracts of termites. These protists are flagellates and are large, slow, and numerous making it easy for young students to see and follow their movement.  This activity not only limits the frustration level of students, but also adds an extra lesson on symbiotic relationships.



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