A Lesson Learned Through Quilting

McCall, Ava L. “Quilting Across Cultures.” Teaching About Native American, European American, and African American Experiences in the United States. NCSS, n.d. Web.

The author of this article encourages teachers to use quilts as a teaching tool to help students understand cultures and times.  Quilts made by women of different cultures are an artistic representation of lifestyles, values, and points of view throughout different time periods in the U.S.  Using quilts as teaching tools is an engaging way to get students involved in critical thinking about the important themes in history, culture, and economics as people from other countries migrated to the U.S.  Many quilts represent strong views regarding slavery, religion, and western migration.  This is an excellent introduction to a unit on migration and to display time period and cultural differences among the early settlers of the New World.



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