Native Americans Not To Be Forgotten

Warren, Carol C. “Viewing American History through Native Eyes: Ideas for Sharing a Different Perspective.” Social Studies and the Young Learner27.4 (1941): 15-18. NCSS, Mar.-Apr. 2006. Web.

The author of this article stresses the importance of presenting a diverse view of historical events to students.  All too often while teaching history, we focus on the accomplishments of Anglo males and the voices of many other contributors go unmentioned.  Although there have been attempts to rectify this, Native Americans still don’t seem to have a presence in History books.  In addition to focusing on the importance of these voices being heard in our social studies classrooms, the author offers teacher resources that contain material to bring the voices of these early settlers and influential voices into your social studies lessons.  It is important for students to be exposed to the views of Native Americans as they study the history of their state and of our country. Providing students with a rich education includes providing them with different perspectives to history and a knowledge that all viewpoints should be considered and respected.


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