This is Your Land

The article begins with a descriptive interactive activity that shows students that only a small portion of the Earth can be used as farmland. This connects to the ‘big idea’ of land and water as it connects students to the natural world around them that they often neglect. Students are given an activity using a plastic shoe box, sand, and objects to represent landscape. Many of the objects include boulders and simple roots. The task calls on students to see if they can recreate a landscape to preserve. Students have to create run off conditions that they themselves create demonstrating the effects of erosion and if it can be prevented. The activity is inquiry based and allows students to generate their own thinking. The highlight of the activity is that it connects real world issues of natural erosion and allows students to think through these processes. Because of the large structure of the activity the model students work from needs to come from the teacher rather than allowing for students to generate their own models. This may be a good startup for allowing students to create their own land and water models in the future.



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