Parody ( Jamestown)

Who does not like a good parody to learn about history? In this video you will jam and learn some great information. In a short three minute video you will learn about Jamestown and how it was discovered. The best part of this video, is the fact that it is a song. It is extremely catchy and easy to follow along with due to the words on the bottom of the screen.This video is a funny way to discuss a serious topic. The video starts with the ending of Roanoke and goes from there. It discusses traveling and how everyone was looking for gold. The next part of the video talks about John Smith and what he said. This would be a great part to stop and discuss. Vivid discussion could be brought due to this part of the video.

” If you don’t work you will not eat”

This is a great thing that could turn into a debate. This part of the video truly stood out to me. This is a great learning point for the children. This video is made for any grade level and can be used in many different ways. A project could be created out of it. It also can be used as a review or as a preview to what the children will be learning. Either way they will be learning a lot from this short video. This video repeats a lot to emphasis specific parts, this could be useful to have the children remember the important things about Jamestown. I would recommend this video to anyone.



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