National Geographic Kids – U.S.

This can be used as an article in a classroom to teach the United States. This is a kid friendly, article that can teach students different parts of the U.S. This focuses on brief U.S. history, People & Culture, Government & Economy, Nature, Geography, and Fast Facts. The students would benefit from this because it is easy for the students to read considering it is on the National Geographic Kids website. Students could print this out, and close read it for important information. Once this is done, you could have the students create a brochure about the United States based on the information that they learned. You would tell the students to put on the brochure anything you would want someone to know if they were coming to the country for the first time. This allows the students to summarize the article, and show the teacher that the information was grasped. This is not only a good article to base it off of but it is interactive and it allows students to have fun with Social Studies.

National Geographic – U.S.


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