Explorers for Kids: Christopher Columbus and more!

This is a website where students can learn more about different explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Hernan Cortes, Ferdinand Magellan, and more! Under the explorers, it gives information about them. For example, students can learn where they were born, where they died, and what they were known for. One of the explorers the students in my cooperating class are learning about is Christopher Columbus. Under Christopher Columbus, there are sections like biography so students can learn more about him, what he was doing before the voyage, about his “shortcut to China”, fun facts about Christopher Columbus, and much more! As a teacher, I could look at this website to learn more about Christopher Columbus and how I could explain it on a younger level. Or, if students were doing a project where they needed to do research about an explorer, this is a website I could recommend to them.

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