Meteors for Kids

This website is extremely interactive and every teacher should allow their students to explore it. The title of the website is Space for Kids and it is probably one of the most kid friendly websites I have encountered. Most schools now a days give all of their students a chrome book, or have access for each student to use a laptop and this will allow them to explore the topic of Meteors before they have to do any work on it. If not, you could easily have this website set up to your smart board or projected in the front of the room. It could be used as an introduction to a lab, or a unit. You could have students use a data collection sheet, to do like a “scavenger hunt” on the website to learn more about meteors. Not only does this website give the students information on meteors, but it gives history of meteors, and also informs the students on how they’re related to other things in the solar system, and how they interact with those things.  Overall, this website would be great to use as an introduction for meteors for students everywhere!

Space for Kids


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